Early Life Edit

Greg Omelchuck

Lots is known about Greg, Greg was a Artist for Midway Austin and many other companies. At an early age Greg would direct toy dinosaurs and draw in his note page. He trained through School and at University to be a artist He went to University of Texas in 1991. A couple of years later Greg attended Vancouver School of Animation then in 1995 Greg landed a job at Iguana Entertainment. He made games like Turok and Dinosaur Hunter. then in 2009 Greg formed MoontowerVFX.

Midway Austin Edit

Greg done artwork for games like Tribes: Aerial Assault in 2002 and The Hobbit in 2003 he also made artwork for Stubbes the Zombie Rebel without a Pulse on Xbox and PC. He then made Special Visual effects for LocoCycle in 2013 and 14 from his own company.

Films Edit

Greg has also directed and Special effected movies like Quarter to Noon Love Bug Only a Kiss Chorebot Bully (Movie) Perish Voices of Platte and many more

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