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Caribbean Stud Poker is a 1995 video game for the windows 3.x published by Masque Publishing inc. This is an official licensed poker game for 1-4 players where you can verse the computer or real people. The game starts with each player with the dealer dealing cards out face down the only card faced up is the dealers card. If you think you have a higher numbered card than the dealer you bet with chips. The game allows the player to change various settings such as the speed of the deal how much a bet costs and the game comes with a CD which allows you to listen to your own music in game. The game can be played with the mouse you can drag and drop chips or click them there is no save function or network play.

people involved Roger Gilbertson James Michael Adam Glick Michael Merson Matt Wilson Bob Purcell Terry Adams and Sonia Gilbertson

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