Hello this page is related to the rules it is a must read before editing NSFW pages or any page in generael.

what does NSFW stand for? Not Safe For Work example pages that contain adult content

SFW? Safe for work example pages that dont contain adult comtent.

Allowed content.

Anything that is safe for work like game studios.

NSFW pages must be like Wikipedia pages eg must be like an encyclopaedia.

Safe for work images and videos example addidas soccer ball.

safe for work links example moby games wikipedia

referencing websities where you got info from (since we are under CC-BY-SA lincense) this is highly needed or page will result in deleting or request for deleting/change which only admins can do that.

Not Allowed and rules

NSFW pages that are not like wikipiedia pages example contain explicit content

explicit images and videos

NSFW links to adult websities

Anything that is illegal and under the age NSFW.

not referncing origional owner for information if you got the info from websities.

Thank you for taking the time to read our rules page on the anything allowed community thank you admin team.

  1. We do not tolorate harrasment trolling and vandalisim if we find anybody doing of tgese they will be banned instantly.
  2. Obsucure images links and videos are not allowed
  3. Respect each other every body has a different type of editing style
  4. Logged in users get prioraty if not logged in you're articals will be requested speddy remove.

Rule update 2.0

If a record label or band name has a inapropriate name due too wikia guidelines do not create that band record label or whatever.

Do not upload pictures that have inapropriate names in them eithet.